1 x PCE 125A CEE 400V 5 Pin Plug

1 x 125A MCB 4P


2 x 32A CEE 400V 5 Pin Flanged Socket

2 x 40A RCD 4P
2 x 32A MCB 4P

3 x 16A CEE 240V 3 Pin Flanged Socket

3 x 16A RCBO

3 x 16A SCHUKO Socket

3 x 10A RCBO

3 x 19 Pin Panel Socket

18 x 16A RCBO

1 x 63A CEE 400V 5 Pin Flanged Socket

1 x 63A RCD 4P
1 x 63A MCB 4P


12U High-density Polyethylene Case 610x580x764mm
Integrated Handles and Wheels
IP65 with lids closed


Digital Multimeter: 1 x Digital Multimeter measures Amps, Volts & Frequency

Pilot LED Lights: 3 x Red, 1 x Blue, 1 x Green

Protection Level: RCBO

Additional Information: Made of Premium Components

Download MD125-035RCBO Technical Sheet

Main Distribution Box with 1 x 125A CEE 400V 5P Input and 2 x 32A CEE 400V 5P,  3 x 16A CEE 240V 3P,  3 x 16A SCHUKO 250V 3P, 3 x 19 Pin Connector and 1 x 63A CEE 400V 5P Outputs.